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Stickers to Get the Force III 25pcs

5.95 4.71

25 quality Star Wars stickers to GET THE FORCE

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This item: Stickers to Get the Force III 25pcs
5.95 4.71
5.95 4.71
Star Wars Stickers Bomb I 50pcs

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5.64 10.00
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You can sticker bombing on: laptop, mobile, PC, luggage, skateboard, longboard, guitar, closet, car, moto, helmet, bike, fridge, notebook, boxes and whatever you want!

TIPS for better sticker bombing

#1: Cleaning the surface Rub the desired area with alcohol, soap or water. Be careful not to use glass cleaner or other detergents because their residues will prevent the sticker from adhering well.


#2: Applying on flat surface You should push a credit card steadily across the sticker through the applicable surface in order to make the sticker adhere to transfer tape and remove any air bubbles and wrinkles.


#3: Applying on curve or round edge surfaces Heat over the stickers with a hair dryer or heat gun at the lowest heat setting. The stickers’ surface becomes extra stretched and elastic and the glue melt faster, so the stickers adhere better around curve or round edges.